Welcome SignageThe Perry Public Arts Commission was created in February of 2015 by action of the Perry City Council to promote and support Arts and Culture within the City of Perry.

Duties & Responsibilities

Specifically, the commission is charged with the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Expand community awareness and appreciation of the value of art;
  2. Advise the city council and staff on art-related issues;
  3. Assist the city and other organizations and businesses in the commission and selection of artists for public works of art;
  4. Develop art master plans, policies, and other program elements;
  5. Serve in an advisory capacity to other organizations and businesses pursuing public art projects;
  6. Hold predevelopment meetings with applicants seeking a development permit from the city, to encourage and assist in the creation ofpublic art projects. The commission is hereby authorized to convene regular meetings, no less often than once per month, or as necessary, to review the applicant’s public art plans. City staff is authorized to alter local permitting procedures in order to require participation with the commission prior to issuance of a development permit. The commission‘s actions shall be advisory only;
  7. Prepare an annual report to the city council on the commission‘s activities;
  8. Solicit temporary and/or permanent displays of art in city facilities;
  9. Commission public art projects; and
  10. Assist with other public art initiatives, as appropriate.


The Perry Public Arts Commission consists of seven (7) volunteer members who must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and citizens of the Perry service area or affiliated with a business located in the corporate limits of the City of Perry.  The mayor and each councilperson appoints one (1) member to the commission (see Perry Ord. No. 2015-03, 2-3-15 for additional information regarding membership appointments).  All members of the Perry Public Arts Commission shall serve without compensation and elect officers, including President, Vice-President and Secretery/Treasurer from among themselves.

Current Commission Members

  • Gail Albrecht
  • Yetoria Lumpkin DeShazier
  • Peggy Jerles
  • Bill O’Neal
  • Becky Wilson
  • Kaneatra J. Simmons
  • Joy Wimberly